I was warned before hand. Hence, the certain estrangement I feel from the loved ones around me does not come as a surprise. Expressing myself had always been my flaw, but now it comes with restricted distress. So all I can do at the moment is silence my frustration and channel it into something more productive like writing this piece and venting my mawkishness in words. And of course its working. Not that I am in control of my sentiments, but I can slowly learn how to deviate my mind in time of crisis. Yeah. Imagine me thinking of home-made sandwiches whilst an earthquake brings the house down!

I don’t mean to retreat into a corner and start contemplating on whatever goes in my head in the name of spirituality. Now that would be just wrong. But I do wanna escape all this negative energy that encircles me. I have always condemned ascetic views, and dormancy is not the answer to my questions.

So how can I let others know of my present disposition? I don’t. Live and Let Live. Yeah! Finally a cliche phrase comes to my rescue. I feel better now. Thank you WordPress.


he is home-sick!



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