This is something I just randomly wrote to get over the writer’s block. I don’t think I did too good, but hey. I wasn’t that bad either. And no, there is no Chapter 2. 😛

Chapter 1

I watch them too. From the corner of my eye. Im all weary, and worn out. Yes, I have the strength to carry on for miles. Im a commoner. Or so I say. Irreplaceable. Or so They say. My end is near. I can see it. Its inevitable. But then again, everything has to meet an end. That’s how far one can perceive.and that’s how far one must perceive. What lies beyond is inconceivable. I could end anywhere. At a car dealers, in neatly cut pieces. Or perhaps in a park, hanging at the end of a rope. Who knows?

For now im still. A rarity. For my life is full of motion. But then again, whose isn’t? Pieces of dust and minute pebbles stuck in my creases. But they are the least of my concerns. To wonder what lies ahead has became too rusty a habit. A routine. A consistency that just happens. It no longer intrigues me to know my destination. I don’t have much to think of anyways. Mostly, my mind circles around the people I will be travelling with or to where would They lead me. More like where would I lead Them. But the latter doesn’t count.

The grazed pavement under me. The steel rim too cold, cornering me from all sides. Im aching. I have been aching ever since I hit the road. And I shall be aching till the soil eats me away. Just like Them, but not Them. There’s a difference. My existence is rather a shabby one. So are my mediocre thoughts.

I have covered time. For me it is just plain time. Not defined by parameters. Like They have.

Time squirmed a black shadow over me. a lamp-post. It towered into the sky, stagnant. The grass at its foot seemed insignificant despite its lush green color. The silver plated skin peeling off not too far from the ground, revealing a dull brown color. Rust. You are rusting my friend? You are rusting, my friend! I silently cruised through its solemn state. Thoughts came, thoughts went. We ran parallel in immobility. A blessing for me. A curse for you perhaps? Indeed, a curse!

I had seen the world. Or so I would like to think. Everything was a journey for me. On the move. No destination too sure except the one that concluded my reality. It wasn’t much different for the bearer of the shadow either. Except, it was to meet the same fate rather despairingly.

You and me are hopelessly-content strokes of Nature.


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