Just Another Stupid Shit Pulled Off

Facebook and Your Favorite Cartoon Will Stop Child Abuse

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/12/04/facebook-and-your-favorite-cartoon-will-stop-child-abuse/#ixzz17AmhPD94


Firstly, everyone who changed their dp’s to cartoon characters are dumb fucks.

Question: how does this campaign work?

Child molesters are not sitting on fucking facebook noticing a change in everyones dp and realizing the world is at war with them. Call me a pessimist! This is just stupid. People who have changed their dp’s are not even close to discussing the real issue, or what their hollow act actually stands for. Instead, most of them are discussing Disney movies and how brilliantly does Johnny Bravo say “hey momma!” (not that I disagree with it, I love him too but COME ON!) have they even bothered to take a solid enough stance? This campaign shit spread like wildfire, where the real reason was unknown to all. Yes, we are a failure and this is a proof of how we blatantly accept the ideas of westerners without questioning them.

“hey kid check out this cartoon character. u can have my sandwich now. cheers”

Social networks are pulling nonsensical crap at all times. Hell, America has a day for everything too. Peanut, Butter, Jelly Day; Chocolate Cake Day; I Slept With Your Mom Day, so on and so forth. Not that I have a problem with it. They can do whatever they like. But, yes, I do have a problem when my own people act irrationally and walk their way. If Princess Jasmine could save a child, my midgetness could have saved a nation.

Kill me if the ratio of child abusers decreases in the coming weeks.



One thought on “Just Another Stupid Shit Pulled Off

  1. I want to celebrate this day by sharing some very good news with you. I cut my teeth on anti-war environmental student and labor activism in this assembly district. Yesterday the Isthmus newspaper noted that the election news of the week was my entry into this race.


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