Feeling of “Being-Walked-Out-On”

yeah thats what im feeling right now. hell it doesn’t even make any sense and i have nothing better to say. plus i dont feel like punctuating this post. except for fullstops. i like fullstops. here have another one. happy now are we. headaches killing me. hunger pangs have prolly burned my tummy by now. huh. i feel emo. not the IWannaCutMyself emo. but the IJustWannaSleep&StartAnotherDay emo. for the record. i dont cut myself. thats what stupid fucks do. and im just plain stupid.

im just blabbing on and on now. its a good distraction. words are my best friend. second to the plank that is. heh. kidding. i can feel emoness creeping up my spine. i feel so cold. the walls are closing in on me. DAMN I ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THAT. AND I DID. YEAH. right now im listening to this song. what epicness.

need to watch some classic footie. it really cheers me up. later.


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