Tweet of the Year!

On Monday 13th September 2010, @Lord_Voldemort7 said:

Yeah, the rumors are true, John Mayer deleted his twitter.
Can you believe it? I said ‘Something’s missing’
Then I realized it was John and all his twitter dissing.
He said bye to twitter & hastily retreated
and this little rap is to tell fans why he deleted.

No it wasn’t because his friends told him too
Y’all know he does whatever the fuck he wants to do
He deleted and the reasons are clear,
he tweeted bullshit nobody wanted to hear.
He was only in it with half of his heart and for that reason he had to depart.
Yeah, he wrote what he was doing but who really cared
About his condescending attitude or lack of underwear.

Everything that he typed & everything that he said
I still couldn’t get the image of Simpson as “sexual napalm” out of my head
He barely kept his privates private in that sketchy speedo he wore
I don’t need to read his tweets about how he’s a whore.
No more comments about how he’s superior or feuds with haters
Or the constant reminders that he’s a serial dater.

Yeah I gotta admit I’ll miss the angry replies he & Perez just had to exchange
& tweets about how he’s waiting on the world to change.
I might miss him at first but if he kept writing lame tweets about Earth’s doom, I would’ve forced him to slow dance in a burning room.


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