This Has To Be a Win!


2 thoughts on “This Has To Be a Win!

  1. Mobeen says:

    Comedy or satire, this film is clearly not getting a response from Asians, and that to me is a failure. Saw Four Lions last night. At the 8.30 showing, there seemed to be two obvious Muslims out of about 250 people in the audience (excluding me). Comedy or satire, if it is hitting the mark and is rooted in some sort of truth about this society, then it would have more than Chris Morris fans tuning in.

    Contrast this film with the success of A Prophet in France. Written by a white guy about Arabs in French jails, it was embraced by many Muslims as their film and people turned out in droves to see it.

    Four Lions has funny parts but the Asians are used as a vehicle for Chris Morris’s humour and therefore this film could be forgotten quite quickly.


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