What Has The World Come To?

Longing for a pick-me-up? Have some spare funds? Then why not take part in the ongoing monetization of everyday social connection?


What The Site Claims: buy a $10/month subscription and every day someone will call you and tell you how awesome you are. (If you don’t answer, they will leave a voicemail — thoughtful!)

Is This a Joke? The website swears it is not (twice) and founder Burt tells NewsFeed that the site is “very real.” According to Burt, the business started up just last week and currently counts just over 100 subscribers. Burt began by making all the calls himself before enlisting his roommate to help out. The company hired its first outside caller on Friday.

What I Have To Say: Sure, go ahead. In a world where millions are homeless and hungry, I’m sure you will feel a tad bit good about yourself after some random guy calls you “awesome”. Why waste $10 on some poor prick who’d prolly die outta cold anyways? Apparently, thats the way of the world. A shame? I think not. Since such investments have a better outcome than goodness and piety. I’m just saying.


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