Man Utd vs. Newcastle (3-0)

Monday, 16th August, 2010

With Scholes defying his age again, and Giggs keeping his premier league goal-scoring record intact Manchester United started off the 2010/2011 season with a dominating win over the newly promoted Newcastle United at O.T.

Berbatov went deeper than Rooney at times and was clearly confident of his striking position. He took a fine pass from Darren Fletcher and scored on the 33rd minute. Just before half time, Fletcher doubled the lead with Rooney paving the ball to his path. Nani looked in good form with much of United’s attacking chances coming from the left. Scholes, with his masterclass performance and fluidity in and out of the penalty area, was undoubtedly a key player of the match. Out of his 85 passes, 76 were successful. His diagonal hit into the left-wing position gave Giggs a golden opportunity to score with his left-foot on the 85th minute. Rooney still needed to pad up whilst his substitute Hernandez looked in rich goal scoring form.

Overall, United’s performance was imposing – combining tactics, style and substance.


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