Why Lord?

Dear God,

Today You took away from us a young handsome lad of around 25 on the eve of Holy Month! He was newly married, and the youngest of the three brothers. Why God? Why did You inflict such excruciating pain on his loved ones? He was of no fault, rather was known for his modesty all around the neighborhood. Lord, what would become of his baby who yet has to step into this world? And what about his young beautiful bride? Why would You make her a widow just after two months in marriage? Why God? And what about his old mother? How would she bear her young son’s death, that too in front of her very eyes? He did no harm God. He was a good guy. He did not deserve this. He had just started on his life. He was so full of vitality, so energetic, loved by all. God they say, everything You do is for good. But I see no good out of this. I am ignorant. Please reason it out for me.

Why won’t You take old bad people away? Like my grandfather from paternal side? Why would You call on all good people early? The world needs them. The people need them. And yet You take them all away from us. So many hearts broken, so many houses ruined, so many lives battered forever! He is gone now. And what would become of the people he has left behind, only You know better!

He was a respectful son, a loving brother, a devoted husband. God please ease the pain of his loved ones and give them patience. Please do not let them get trampled under this cruel world. Bless his soul to Heavens.



3 thoughts on “Why Lord?

  1. Mobeen says:

    Life is a mystery unless you are forced to witness each of its facets, sometimes we get success in finding the mystery behind any particular happening sometimes we don’t. Sometimes nature give so much time and space for the people who in our thoughts are BAD, sometimes it appeared as cruel as to snatch lives of some pure souls. Its all mystery and we are forced to accept it. It depends on you and me to accept it as our FATE or to find reasons ..

    Fate and free will intertwine in a way that’s beyond our comprehension. We choose to do the things we do however, sometimes we are put in various circumstances that are beyond our control. God has a plan for every individual. There’s a reason for everything. Ultimately, whether we are put in a situation by fate or by freewill (putting ourselves in situations) we still have a choice in how we act and should take responsibility. And by those choices we make in life, we can learn and grow from them or choose a standstill. And, it also depends on how we perceive things. If we don’t see something as life altering, when in most people’s view it is, then how will we gain/lose anything from it?
    We may be put in various circumstances but how we choose to act accordingly has its consequences and God will judge accordingly to both.

    ALLAH wants to see his dear people nearer to him, so he calls them earlier….
    The level of difficulties a human face differs, so is the reward of bearing them…
    HE continues to give chances to the ‘Evil’ minded people, so that they may find ‘FALAH’ (Path of success) ……

    What else …

    Apart from that , Can I Know who was he ?


    • he was a neighbor. thats what our relation was limited to. but the pain can be felt even in the hearts of strangers. i appreciate whatever u said, and it all holds very true. but my ignorance makes me inquisitive. certain questions pertaining the world around me need to be answered, but go in vain. either way, God knows best!


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