The Fuck?


What Wikipedia Says: Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (Born Piers Stefan O’Meara on 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is the former editor of the tabloid newspapers the News of the World(1994–1995) and the Daily Mirror (1995–2004). He is editorial director of First News, a national newspaper for children. Morgan branched into television mainly as a presenter, but has become best known as a judge or contestant in reality television programmes. In the UK, he is a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. Morgan is best-known in the United States as a judge on the show America’s Got Talent, and as the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice. He has authored eight books including three volumes of his memoirs.

What I say: cunt of the highest order!


This anal-whupped piece of shit wrote an article in The Mail slagging off Rooney and claiming that Manchester United wont be finishing in the top 4 this season! Here, read and cuss:

For now, my anger has been drawn into silent cursing for this sad excuse of a human! Soon I shall try commentating on his biased article. Later!


10 thoughts on “The Fuck?

  1. TITLE WINNERS? Alas, I can’t look further than Chelsea. Again. They have the biggest and best squad, and a team who have tasted a lot of success in recent years.
    In Carlo Ancelotti, they also have a world-class manager who knows how to win trophies.

    Smart man…!


    • rrrrrrrrrright! those guys have a new found victory lead. the squad might be a strong one but thats all they have for now. United comes with squad + history + wins and u know the rest. and this man whom u claim to be “smart” actually said liverpool and Citeh have an awesome squad. fuck him. ignorant cunt! he is a gooner and wrote this article with absoulute no sense of whatever he was saying! stupid cunt!


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