1st of August! I have bottled up my emotions for now. Woke up to unpleasantness of the world immediately around me with no one to support my idea of joining the forces. The question “what if I don’t make it?” And the answer I get is “so?”. So? Fuck My Life! I feel so vulnerable! I think I don’t need people to understand what this means to me. Every man for himself, they say. I’m accountable to no one but the Lord. So yeah, there is no point of me fretting over this anymore. Now enough with the personal sob stories. They never end.

Yesterdays game, Gooners vs. AC Milan (Aging Cunts?) was too uninteresting. Chamakh looked good but he isn’t the real saviour the gooners are looking for. Their defence is all haywire. Plus the new kid looks like an ugly version of Ronaldo. (4 stars for awesome similarity?) My spirits were wearied half way through, so I never bothered watching the second half.

Pout Much?

And thats all for now. Later!


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