& The UEFA Player Of The Year Goes To…

UEFA Best Goalkeeper of the Year
Julio Cesar (Inter Milan) – WINNER
Hugo Lloris (Lyon)
Víctor Valdes (Barcelona)

UEFA Best Defender of the Year
Lucio (Inter Milan)
Maicon (Inter Milan) – WINNER
Gerard Piqué (Barcelona)

UEFA Best Midfielder of the Year
Xavi Hernández (Barcelona)
Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich)
Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan) – WINNER

UEFA Best Forward of the Year
Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
Diego Milito (Inter Milan) – WINNER
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)


What Has The World Come To?

Longing for a pick-me-up? Have some spare funds? Then why not take part in the ongoing monetization of everyday social connection?


What The Site Claims: buy a $10/month subscription and every day someone will call you and tell you how awesome you are. (If you don’t answer, they will leave a voicemail — thoughtful!)

Is This a Joke? The website swears it is not (twice) and founder Burt tells NewsFeed that the site is “very real.” According to Burt, the business started up just last week and currently counts just over 100 subscribers. Burt began by making all the calls himself before enlisting his roommate to help out. The company hired its first outside caller on Friday.

What I Have To Say: Sure, go ahead. In a world where millions are homeless and hungry, I’m sure you will feel a tad bit good about yourself after some random guy calls you “awesome”. Why waste $10 on some poor prick who’d prolly die outta cold anyways? Apparently, thats the way of the world. A shame? I think not. Since such investments have a better outcome than goodness and piety. I’m just saying.

Why Americans Will Never Fully Embrace Soccer

1. Its kind of boring – The game is exciting around the goals but when 75 percent of the game is spent passing the ball around midfield, I just get bored.  Sure baseball can be boring but one hanging curveball and a homerun makes the game exciting. Even if NASCAR is 500 miles of left turns, the elements of horrendous crashes, pit stops, and fan favorites make it bearable.

2. Low Scoring – A 0-0 tie should be the start of a game, but it shouldn’t be how a game ends. Americans want winners, not tie(ers). baseball is incredibly high scoring by comparison. Plus in baseball a game is equally exciting when the score is low and the pitchers are dueling. When a game is tied, there is no sense of urgency in soccer.

3. Americans have other choices – Football, baseball, basketball all at the college and pro levels, golf, NASCAR and that’s just major sports in the United States. With access to those and so many other options soccer is left in the dust. That’s probably a reason why I’ll never hear my son say “What to kick around the ol soccer ball dad?” Because we’ll already be playing catch (with a baseball) or tossing the ol pig skin around. Kids might play soccer for the first years of their life, but then they’ll realize that football basketball and baseball have 10 times the glamour and 50 times the paychecks so 98% of them will switch to the diamond, the hardwood or the gridiron.

4. Lack of stats – Goals and cards. Maybe passing and if your a keeper (goalie), saves. I love knowing a pitcher’s WHIP and ERA and a hitter’s Slugging and OBPS. I love knowing a receiver’s YAC, a running back’s yards after first hit and broken tackles and a Quarterback’s rating. Give me numbers! soccer gives me none.

5. No face of the team – I guess you could say Landon Donovan acts as that, but he’s just not a household name. And since the Best players in US soccer play professionally in Europe so even if Soccer fans wanted to watch American players, they’d rarely if ever get to see them live.

6. When does the season start? Seriously. I have no idea how the US team makes it to the World Cup outside of qualifying matches. Thats about all I got. But then there are other tournaments. Not sure how everything else works. In Football, Baseball, Basketball and everything there are seasons then playoffs then a Champioship. I get that.

7. No Rivalries – USC vs. Notre Dame.  Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers. New York Yankees vs Boston RedSox. North Carolina vs. Duke Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears.  These are rivalries. At the national level does America have a rivalry? America vs…. England? but thats more of a military history thing. Even at the MLS level there aren’t any real rivalries. But in European soccer, teams have hated rivalries. US soccer just doesn’t have that.

8. Our Best athletes don’t play the game – Imagine LeBron, Michael Vick, Kobe and Devin Hester all played soccer.  How great would that be? What if America’s best athletes were on the American World cup team?

For complete article, go to http://mugrack.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/why-americans-will-never-fully-embrace-soccer-if-american-athletes-played-soccer/. Personally I thought of only these points worth citing. 😛

ManUtd vs. West Ham (3-0)

Saturday 28th August, 2010


01 Van der Sar
03 Evra
15 Vidic
22 O’Shea
23 Evans
11 Giggs
17 Nani
18 Scholes
24 Fletcher
09 Berbatov – yellow card
10 Rooney


29 Kuszczak
12 Smalling
21 Rafael Da Silva
16 Carrick
25 Valencia
07 Owen
14 Hernandez
74′– Evans off, Smalling on
74′– Scholes off, Carrick in
74′– Berbatov off, Owen in
GOALS: Rooney pen. (33′), Nani (50′) & Berbatov (69′)



ManUtd and Champions League Group


– Finished 3rd in La Liga last season on 71 points, 15 behind Real Madrid and 18 behind Barcelona.
– They play at Mestalla which has a capacity of 55,000.
– Their manager is 38-year-old Unai Emery who joined the club in 2008 after spending two years at Spanish side Lorca Deportiva, where he gained promotion to Division 2 in his first season, the first time in the club’s history, then 5th in that division in his second season. He then left for UD Almería where again he earned promotion, this time to the top division, again for the first time in that club’s history, then 8th in his second season.
– Their highest scorer for the past five years has been David Villa who has since left them for Barcelona.
– Their second highest scorer was 22-year-old winger Juan Mata with 10 goals.
– Argentinian midfielder Ever Banega claimed the highest number of assists with the club, with 8, just 2 fewer than Messi.
– Their goalkeeper, César Sánchez, had the third best record in the league behind Casillas and Valdés, conceding on average just 0.97 goals per game.
– Their most recent successes include the La Liga title, UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup in 2004, Copa del Rey in 2008, and reached the Champions League final in 2000 and 2001, losing out on the latter in sudden death penalties.


– They are the current Scottish champions, winning the league on 87 points, 6 points clear of Celtic.
– Their manager is Walter Smith who was Sir Alex Ferguson’s assistant at Scotland during the 1986 World Cup. He went on to manage the national team himself in 2004 after stints at Rangers and Everton. He has won 9 league titles with Rangers during the two times he’s spent as their manager. He also spent some time at United as our assistant towards the end of the 03-04 season after Carlos Queiroz left for Real Madrid.
– Ferguson on Smith: “There are few people in the game with his experience, knowledge and technical ability.”
– Rangers have won 53 league titles, including 5 in the last 10 years.
– The club’s all-time top scorer, Ally McCoist, is their assistant manager.
– Their top scorer was Kris Boyd with 23 goals, who has since left them for Middlesbrough, with Kenny Miller their second highest scorer on 18 goals.
– Last year their finished bottom of their CL group and the season before they didn’t make it past the qualifying round to get in to the competition.


– This is the Turkish side’s first ever season in the Champions League, however, they did reach the quarter finals in the 1975 European Cup Winners’ Cup and the 1995 UEFA Intertoto Cup.
– Their nickname is “Green Crocodiles”.
– They play at the Bursa Ataturk Stadium which has a capacity of 25,000.
– They were champions of the Turkish League last season for the first time in their club’s history, pipping Fenerbahce on the final day of the season, who had started the day 1 point clear. They are a small club who don’t have a lot of money and their title win came as a big shock.
– Their manager is Ertuğrul Sağlam who picked up 30 caps for Turkey during his playing career and who has been in management for 7 years. He was the manager of the Beşiktaş side who lost 8-0 to Liverpool in 2007. He won the UEFA Intertoto Cup with Kayserispor in 2006.
– 20 of their 28 players are Turkish and 4 of them currently represent Turkey.

(via republikofmancunia)