Saturday the 31st is at hand. & I am indeed very angry with myself. My presumptuous conscience has led me to suffer a great deal! How can I let the intimate memories be so wayward to my sentiments the other night? I have oft act in such hurried folly and I shall not forgive myself for this one. My current state is quite a disagreeable one. I’m an emotional wreck – and an almost broke one. Which makes matters all the more worse. I just snubbed away all the prospects of going to BMUN since my pocket is not too heavy. And of what I have left, I need to make it last till January to say the least. With so much on whats left of my mind, I am really baffled by the slightest hint of life anyewhere I can find!

Presently I have led my mind in another direction, and by that I mean I’m watching Gooners and AC Milan wanking off each other for the Emirates Cup ,with the former having no flair for victory and the latter having so many aging players. Half the stadium is almost empty, and I believe I just heard someone blowing a vuvezela or perhaps it were Wenger – I know not! Soon I shall blog about the ongoings of the match. Or maybe I won’t since this doesn’t look a tad bit interesting! Even Beckham’s kid was dozing off…

Will blog again soon, perhaps with a clearer mind. Later!


16 thoughts on “Chaos!

  1. Yasar says:

    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog, seems interesting enough to me.
    Forgive my curiosity but can you give a succinct description as to what it’s really about, and what exactly do you intend to communicate through it to your readers.



    • my fail attempts at using a blog as a personal journal needs no such attentions. 😛 i assure you, you are better of not knowing. plus i always have trouble conveying whats really on my mind. falter.


  2. Yasar says:

    In a way, that’s curious too. But then reading beneath the lines tells me that what you’re really saying is that you’re frustrated. Why is that so, isnt writing a blog a safe channel to vent?


  3. Yasar says:

    Then by all means vent (in a sensible way that is). People do it all the time, especially bloggers, and from all I know, they’re better doing it than shutting themselves up in their attics like conservatives. Maybe it’s time you give it a try! =D



    • haha. thanks. i think i might just give it a go some time soon, though i still haven’t mustered up that kinda courage. but lets see. appreciate your concern. 🙂


  4. Yasar says:

    Then I will make no efforts to hide my disappointment in that. I’m not overly fond of football.
    Inter-National matches are okay, or so to speak, but Club football is a NO NO! Too time consuming.


  5. billyboneshaker says:

    somehow the conversation in the comments seemed more interesting that your frustration.. well on other note.. arsenal n milan do not deserve the attention….


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