Glory In The Name…

Now I can’t recall from where did I copy this excerpt from, but I assure you, it was somewhere from the internet. Thought I’d share it on a blog since its 4 in the morning and I forgot when United’s next match is…

“Manchester United mustn’t be referred as Man U at least by their fans. This term is only used by United rivals as a complete and utter insult to the club. Many United competitors would sing a song about the united air crash which claimed the lives of eight players. Man U Man U went on a plane Man U Man U never came back again. If youre a Man United fan and that doesnt get your blood boiling, Im sure nothing will. Manchester United are nicknamed UNITED, MAN UNITED, MAN UTD and RED DEVILS. There are no official songs with a Man U word nor will one lay his hands on an official merchandise using that term. Manchester City isnt christened Man C or an Aston Villa as Ast V. Like the song goes Theres Only One United so people will know where your loyalty is. The term Utd is the proper abbreviation for the word United and nothing else. Why cant some accept this and get over themselves.  The Scousers (Liverpool fans) often tease United about the air crash incident again by chanting Man U Never Intended Coming Home. as you can work out what the first letters stand for.It wasnt just chants as it was also popular to write this as graffiti. When did this chant originate? Possibly in the 1960s. There was huge competition between clubs to sign Duncan Edwards when he was a schoolboy in the early 50s and there was even a newspaper campaign in the Midlands to pressure him into signing for a Midlands club, as he came from Dudley. His signing for United caused a lot of people in the Midlands to regard him as a traitor and was hate figure for them. It was West Brom fans who first began this mantra. Duncan Edwards is manure, rotting in his grave,Man you are manure-rotting in your grave. The origin of Man U is a song to insult the dead Duncan Edwards. The Liverpool and Leeds fans copied this with their own versions. It is strange to hear from United fans referring them as Man U. There was literally a bloodbath up on the old Scoreboard End at Old Trafford in 1964-65 season when the West Bromwich Albion fans sang. A big battle took place with the home fans outnumbering the visiting ones and hammering them to the utmost. Most clubs did try to ban the chant. After United won the European Cup , it sprang up again but this time there was also Whos that lying in the aircraft. The West Brom fans taunted using a United song Whos that team we call United. But by the end of the decade it became universal and the term Man U became the word used by almost all rival fans to affront United. Everyone knew what it meant. It was laughter at the death of Duncan and the Babes.Fans of Spurs and oddly enough Chelsea never sang air crash songs either. A place where the word Man U could spell doom was Millwall, even if you were a United fan .United played them when they were in the second division and the policemen were asked to work despite having a leave. The League officials had even tried to stop allocating United fans a ticket to Millwall.The kick off was put forward to 11 am to try and stop all United fans from going down there. It was billed as the fight of the century. Not one single punch was thrown inside the ground. There was even a picture in the Sunday Mirror of two United fans with Harry the Dog What did happen was after the match a combined force of 20,000 plus United and Millwall fans descended on the Kings Road and smashed the place up, including the football ground. But a lot of the violence that happened with United fans around that time was usually sparked by the words Man U. When Teddy Sheringham signed for United, incidentally he referred the club as Man U and received a dressing down from Sir Alex Ferguson. So, I hope United fans stop saying Man U and as far as rival fans are concerned..”


7 thoughts on “Glory In The Name…

  1. billyboneshaker says:

    awesome piece of info… some people just do not understand this… I recently entered in a fight with a chelsea fan over this on twitter… ended up winning though but it always pains in the heart whenever I hear those words…


    • i myself once called them that vile word in a hurry on twitter (blame the hashtags) later i had to repent it. and from what my conscious tells me, i still haven’t been able to forgive myself for it!


  2. But in North America, it’s pretty common — United fans commonly refer to the club as ‘Man U.’

    I think there’s not much to do except on of those ‘reclaim’ the word things, like Spurs fans did with being called Yids. Start using Man U proudly! Make T-shirts, write songs etc.


    • rob b says:

      James that’s utter crap. We have no motivation to ‘claim’ something that isn’t ours. We are not man u. We will never accept it as a term to describe us. And anyone that does is ignorant to the fact that those of us that are born and bred think that this term is disgusting and simply are not one of us


  3. You’re right, Rob. No one’s ever changed their minds or their thinking about anything before. No one’s ever turned a blind eye to childish, petty taunts before.

    How ridiculous of me to assume otherwise.


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