Chasms In A Dream!

Its Saturday the 31st. 15 more days till the fucking college starts, 6 more days till the  real nostalgia kicks out on its own & and 1 more day to make up my mind against all the odds of Avoidance and Cravings for BMUN.

My mood has taken a complete 180 degree shift from being dreadfully witty to obscurely woeful. Blame it on the unclouded dream I had a few nights ago. The pallor has since not left the countenance, and I feel terribly weak every time it crosses my mind. The very thought of it agitates me and takes me to the Land of Teardom. I know naught what clutches my soul so forcefully. Perhaps I dread the shortcomings that might befall on my object of desire. I can clearly recall the smell of his hair for fucks sake!

On a lighter note. I finished The Sopranos, Season 6 for the second time. The Greatest Show Mankind Has Ever Known! Seriously! Soon, I shall dedicate a blog entirely to the Epic Classicness this show was. Here’s how Season 6 kicked off with a brilliant track…

And well, thats all for tonight! Later!





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