Boredom Brings a Fail At Blogging!

Tuesday is here, and I’m bored after a 7 hour long blackout! I can’t cuss. I don’t own a 9mm. I can’t pull no flash pranks. I don’t have no bling. No boyz in da hood. No bitchez to watch getting laid. I can’t get high on weed. I can spit on passers-by but thats out of question now since I’m all 18 and a woman and I’m supposed to make sandwiches. (spitting in sandwiches sounds gross okay!) ūüėõ So, I guess I just have to sit right here, and wait for a YouTube moment to happen. Jeez!

Not much going on in the footie world. MUFC’s odds at getting Ozil have been cut dramatically ūüė¶ Barca are in the run for him, since they couldn’t get their paws on Cesc. He’ll be treated as an illegitimate child at Barca, I assure you that. They love their own blood…only! Teh Turkish Ninjeh would be warming their benches at all times! Somebody even suggested that ARSEnil can swap Cesc and get Ozil. Consolation prizing? WTF??? Btw, rumors are that somebody saw Ozil at Manchester Airport. He might be holidaying for all the fuck we know!

Rafael who was a complete mess against KCW has been called upon by Brazil. Now I don’t know what many of the “critics” have to say, but i see huge potential in that kid. Also,¬†Chicharito to play 45 minutes for Guadalajara AND 45 for United in the friendly on Saturday. I seriously don’t get this. But its a pre-season, so whatever.

In other news, MascheCuntrano wants to leave the Scouse Club for good. And since nobody wants to sign him up, he can resume being a Wizards Sleeve…again.

I do realize this was a highly unfunny post. Apparently somebody is still stuck with idea of me being dead and the 72-Virgin-Holocaust-Survivors.


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