Losing It…The Match Ofcourse!

The Damned Monday! United lost. Huh. 2-1 to KCW. Rafael was at his all-time low, defense being all over the place. Plus the referee was kind enough to book Giggs for playing. Stupid American Cunt! I hope our next stop this Wednesday in Houston is gonna bring back the Red Glory. Yeah! Its not like I saw the match, since the online stream was all bullish, and the online commentary was of no help either. But somehow I did manage to see how KCW’s second goal was NOT a goal. Where is goal line technology when we need it the most? Be it in a WorldCup or pre-season.

Liverpool isn’t selling N’gog and i’m wondering who would want him anyways…Bolton? Newcastle? Right! Mourinho is all over Chelsea’s ass for Ashley Cole. Now we all remember Mister Cole, don’t we? The lucky bastard who got to nail Cheryl? Cheryl who? :O Cheryl the one who contracted malaria in her vahazin. I know, I know. Bad joke.

Hell my funny bone isn’t erect today. So i’m not even trying to be funny. Blame it on the stupid pain near my heart. And I’m not tryna be emo here. Its true. Gotta pay a visit to some doctor anytime soon. I’m writing my will already incase God decides to give me a lift off. Hah. 😛



5 thoughts on “Losing It…The Match Ofcourse!

  1. Mobeen says:

    See, why this is team-work which always provide fruit to your struggles rather than force exerted by the individuals, apparently M-United was stronger than KCW as they have some big names in their list of eleven , but in the end they lacked finishing. One more thing you can’t ignore ‘the role of luck’, it isn’t their day either.

    There is something in everything even in the games, just a matter of thinking!

    And yes you have such a colourful blog , i like this brown shade in the back…



    • i tend to disagree. yes we are no doubt stronger than them, or any other club in the world for that matter. but last night, i admit, we faltered. our defense was too inexperienced. we were too weak and let KCW make their chances. the possession was all light on our side. we had to lose a game on this tour, and this was it i guess. soon, we shall win again! 😀 and thanks for liking the theme. u gotta hate the flowers though 😛


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