Scamming Footie…

Sunday the Oh-Not-So-Holy-Day has cracked and I’m pardoned from making sandwiches. Since I had nothing better to do, I thought of blogging the latest news at footie today.

This isn’t the latest, but sure is one of the 6 million reasons I don’t get the existence of Liverpool anymore than a Legionnaires disease.

Notice how Carragher has stretch marks all over his Scouse face? Talk about puking out a Scouse baby (hint: Alex Curran did it 😛 plus her breasts look dodgy too) I bet his balls are somewhere next to his gall-bladder, since the phrase “competitors nuts” doesn’t apply to him anymore. Stupid Shit-Club Loony! Liverpool lost to Kaiserslautern 0-1 yesterday which further delights me. With Roy Hodgson managing the already downtrodden club, I don’t think Cole’s addition will do them any good beside wasting money on keeping a, lets say, 16 year old all hush-hush…if u know what I mean 😉 In other news Torres-The Flamboyant Llama,  is rumored to have a beef with the Scouse Club: I’m not surprised!

Drogba is out for around a month due to groin injury since he got laid at the wrong end. With Cech out, I don’t think Terry will have another go at somebody else’s wife this season-he finally has something to do on the field now. Fagball Kolarov joined ManCity since it hasn’t won anything for a long long time, and probably wont for a long long time either. And just like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, they shall be altogether wiped away too. Cheers 😛

’nuff said!

United is up against Kansas City Wizards (club name fail?) today, with the latter being butt-secksed by the Devils. 🙂


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