Yet Another Fail At Footie-Reporting?

Saturday has dawned with a bright sun overhead. & now that I’m done making sandwiches, my womanly existence can once again drown in decrypting footie-sense in my mind.

ALERT: more fail-footie reporting ahead…

United has managed to extend contract with Nemanja Vidic for some £90,000 a week, which ends any rumours linking him to Real Madrid. The central defender shall stay with us till 2012 (other sources claim 2014, but it doesn’t matter much since the anti-christ will appear in 2012 anyways!). In my head, Vidic notoriously resembles Voldemort. Hypothetically asking, let’s say he wanted “to sell his soul” to another interested party, would he be spasming out on installments? (£7mil FTW! 😛 )

madrid horcrux fail? 😀

Ajax’s 3-1 win over the Blue-Shite’d-Temporary-Trophy-Holders last night was enough to engrave rape all over Ancellotis face. 😀 And with Petr Cech out for a month…talk about being snatched of balls in the prime of life. Check this United chant I just came across… “Who’s that twat from Argentina?/ Who’s that money grabbing whore? / Carlos Tevez is his name / And he hasn’t got a brain, / And he won’t be winning trophys anymore.” 😛

And on that note, I end yet another fail at footie-reporting.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Fail At Footie-Reporting?

  1. We lost 3-1 with only Essien and Mikel as the regular first-teamer’s playing! It was essentially the U-21’s! And at least we played decent opposition, not some crap MLS side. Jeez. Nothing to get excited about 😛


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