Bless Friday and the Catch-22! Ignore the title…Woke up after a mere 6 hour sleep which is definitely not enough to ensure a smooth flow of my creative brain juices. As opposed to my womanly obligation towards the kitchen, I immediately set out online. And, here I am blogging yet again all high on the very idea of it.

Whats with the “plan to build a mosque on ground zero” joke all about? I bet that cunt Sarah Palin has something to do with it. Obliterate the mudaflippa! Fuck happened with the whole debate about toleration and discrimination? I know she has a tendency to perform fellatio on herself…

Also, Brazil is supposed to be hosting the Worldcup & Olympics? Gotta give it up to them. Prolly that will be the only month of the decade where people wont get mugged and shot to death by mafia cheerleaders (yea, they got one of those) 😛 Just imagine a Worldcup in Russia! You can wet yourself on the very notion!

Last night, just before sleep struck me, I was wondering what Karma really is. My belief in it is as strong as Buddhas even though I’m not an aneroxic like him. But one things for sure. God had to be really crafty in devising this whole “Karma” thing. I mean he sure did realize that with so many evil bitches in the world, he couldn’t be everywhere at once. So he formulated this whole Karmic Intervention deal which works on one principle: “pay as you play” 😛 Less drudging on our actions, made his work all the more easier I guess. Just out of curiosity, whats the payback for spitting randomly on passers-by? 😛

P.S: God, I can’t help myself, please Forgive me!

I caught this out on todays

eh? what? 😛

In other news, Lady Gaga landed flat on her ass on a tea deal? Thats a fancy way of saying “I’m a transvestite, and I wanna be tea-bagged” 😛


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