A Fail Try At Reporting Footie…

P.S: This is my first shot at spilling beans like a news-reporter (unlike americans, ofcourse.) Don’t laugh! 😛

Well, once again the rumors have taken a sidesplitting turn. I confess: This whole Transfer Window deal is way over my womanly brain which is only as good as the sandwiches I make..and I make none!

Firstly, United is linked to Mesut, Mehut, Mezut Ozeil, Ozil – whatever. The myriad of handles this guy is known by simply proves his Turkish Descent! 😛 If he makes it to Old Trafford, I shall call him “The Turkish Ninja” because he is the Assist Machine and strikes when least expected. He currently plays for Werder Bremen in the German Bundesliga (awkward b… what? :P) This 21-yr old has been linked to Real Madrid as well but I guess he is adamant on keeping it all hush-hush for now. Check this baby out on a wild wild spree on every field he sets his foot on… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMlJswUGibc&feature=player_embedded The Bundesliga side did want £20million to let Ozil move on but have now dropped their asking price by £8m.(it was £15mil just yesterday, wasn’t it? ). United’s transfer kitty is too tight but if a good enough deal can be struck I’m sure Sir Alex will push hard to get the cash.

The Turkish Ninja In My Head 😛

Secondly, United has been linked with preparing an offer of £13 million for Standard Liege midfielder Steven Defour.Now this kid has a contract till 2013 but his agent Paul Stefani claims that they are only waiting for the offer to be accepted by Leige keeping in mind that Sir Alex has had his eyes on this kid since last September-even during his injury.

In other news the entire French Football Squad has been suspended because Ribery bought an underage prostitute, and is now facing serious charges for being pathetically ugly…

OXYMORONing much? 😛

& this Fail Footie-Reporting abruptly ends here!


20 thoughts on “A Fail Try At Reporting Footie…

  1. Hi Fuzzy, nice football article 😉
    I am responding to your act of ‘Shameless self promotion’. How about you leave the Footie to me and as part of the deal i’ll leave everything else to you’re fabulous, impulsive brain! You’re site is awesome, I’d love to know where you got some of those pictures (the Ribery pic is just creepy)
    Thanks for checking my blog, come again as soon as you can.


    oh and hit me on twitter – YGBrowne



  2. Would make sense, now that Henry is gone. I was sort of expecting to see a front 3 of Villa on the left, Ibra center, and Messi right but perhaps Ozil will be on the left and Villa in the center now?? Either way it’s dissapointing 😦


    • im not sure if ozil is actually gone to barca or not. stupid rumors on the internet. u can never be too sure of anything right now. but i guess if he makes it there… 😦 ….it would be the same positioning as u suggested. this sucks either ways. we need him really bad!


  3. I saw a bleachereport article cme up saying *exclusive* blah blah Ozil to Barca haha, that’s where I got it from. Can’t really trust it until its SKY or BBC, though. Oh well, Chelsea will be find without him. We’ve apparently signed Ramires from Benfica and maybe Neymar as well. Samba football at Stamford Bridge 😀


    • hahaha! how ironic! i saw it from the same bleachers shit. 😛 Chelsea is totaleh fine without him, but u guys wont leave him as long as United is on the go. and congrats about Ramires. the bloke made a good choice. City sucks anyways. but just u wait. samba football wont hold your trophy long 😛


  4. We are so winning the title again this year it’s not even funny 😛 And yeah f*ck City, they’ll be useless again this year as long as they keeping buying forwards instead of defenders haha


    • we are bringing our trophy back home 😀 i assure u that sir! and about City…well i’m better off not saying anything here. or maybe just a lil…. 😛 they are miserable cunts. they were to spend big this summer, i wonder what became of that.


      • Lol! Yeah, I was talking about Germany but only because regardless of who buys who, I reckon Mueller and Ozil should come as a package deal…Give em both to ManU if they must, but please, please PLEASE keep them together 😀


  5. James says:

    Barca would probably be a good fit for Ozil. I don’t want to see him to to England . . . he’d be forced to play ‘rough and tough,’ which, as good as he is, just isn’t his thing, and then it’ll be a blown knee or a big sulk, or something, and we’ll never see him again.


    • haha. true that. but since everyone wants to come to the PL, he should be prolly thanking god for this opportunity. playinh in the EPL is quite different from playing in other leagues. and i like your point of playing rough and tough. guess if he comes here, he’s gotta pull himself together in a tough form.


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