This Is Legendary!

I just tripped over this blog, which further made me trip over this website, which simply lead me to this picture…

100-Way Bra 😛

WTF!!! Seriously! I’m still laughing my guts out on this one, even though its not particularly funny. I actually had to count the total number of rows and columns and then multiply them to conclude a big “wowzers!” in my mind! 😛 A 100. REALLY! Its by VictoriaSecret, and for some $19.99 only. Not that I care, but some reviews claim it to be “an intellectual wear”, which makes it all the more comical! Only if women had nuts as useless as male-tits, I wouldn’t be still laughing. But I just had to google “100 way bra…” and well, here’s what I got…


Now try saying “100 WAY BRA” really fast in your head. Sounds like “UNDERWEAR BRA” to me. Hope this doesn’t get a recall like Toyota! 😛

And well thats that for the legend this product is… If anyone gets a hold of it, don’t bother sending me a review. Seriously. (although a picture innit would be appreciated 😛 ) Kidding. I’m off for now.


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