O The Fury!

I’m in a really fucked up mood now. Just when i thought United had done too good at beating Philly, I come across this article slandering its name in the worst possible manner ever. Ever! :@

Here’s the link to what I can call Ignorant-American-Twatty-News-Reporters-On-The-Loose! http://www.kansascity.com/2010/07/21/2099392_so-just-who-is-manchester-united.html?storylink=omni_popular

WTF!!! I mean WTF?

Firstly, they defame Sir Alex by calling him “cantankerous”! Seriously Kansas? A man who has a repute of being One of the Best Managers that the World has Ever Known, and you smear his name like that?! Wow! Thats some class of reporting, eh?

Secondly, they categorize NewYork Yankees and United on the same level. I’m sorry Kansas City, but outside America, nobody gives  a Pete’s Fuck about your baseball! NOBODY! I repeat…NOBODY!!!

Thirdly, “the 5-o’clock-shadow dude is Giggs” isn’t witty at all! He is one of the most genius players that ever stomped the field! Ever! Your players aren’t even remotely close to what United has! And mind you, United has legends! LEGENDS! United harbors Legends, makes Legends, breathes Legends! The “red-headed guy – Scholes” is known as the Ginger-Pele! Take that you arrogant twats! 🙂 “Are any of them on the billboards around town?” Being sarcastic, are we? Well, Americans fail at news reporting!

Fourthly, whats up with the boorish FAQ’s? The headline is a major fail, and the report thinks it does win at Cryptic-Dissing! Fucking covert-ops! The billboard did United no good at being almost half a religion for footie lovers AROUND THE GLOBE!

Fifthly, the report strongly implies Kansas City Wizards being top of their game, by constantly daubing United. Yeah right! A small time football club takes revenge on United by making horrendous remarks at it being owned by Americans! Thats where your pride lies, eh?

I can point out too many faults in this atrocious report, but I’d leave em up to you now. This blog is meant to offend no American Citizens. I’m sure many of you love the game and respect the club with a pure heart. Its just the American news reporting approach that deserves to be snubbed! They need to either do their homework beforehand or keep away from reporting on this beautiful game! Americans take pride in their news coverage style, yet here is what they did: literally mauling Henry…

Dear American News Reporters — KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF FOOTBALL! Thank-You!


10 thoughts on “O The Fury!

  1. You think it’s bad, trying being born and raised here! Ugh! Commentators are still call them “The Hotspurs” like it’s “The Lakers”. The whole country is demented and confused, hope you come over for the World Cup in 2018 🙂


    • haha. i have nothing against the inbred americans. its just a minor jiffy in the news reports that tangle the whole idea of football with misery. hopefully but first its Brazil i gotta try going to…which we both know, isn’t happening. 😛


  2. joe says:

    I think we all know Philly never had a chance vs Man U. However, GO GO RSL, MLS Champs! 😛 They will be a force, soon enough. Perhaps you just want America to stay away from football because we may suck up all the good players in due time? 🙂


    • MLS has no chance against United. thats for sure. they only got donovan as a flag. which is nothing compared to out brutal force. haha. i like the way u think. but america can be good at basketball and baseball, but football is just not your thing u know 😛 I might be a bit haphazardly answering this, but i only have the american news reporters in my mind. nothing else. no offence meant to anybody.


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