Hate 2.0 – Scouser Edition!

Its been almost an hour since I last blogged. 😛 And now that my exasperation over Ignorant Americans is over (notice how I capitalized the words?) I am once again, capable of thinking rationally. And yes, I can do that too!

On a random note, I just came across a website that swanks about how Greeks use squat toilets. This is just plain funny. I mean I can’t imagine Sotirios Kyrgiakos – the Greek Scouser – letting out a whooper on this one…

The Winged Zeus 😛

Or maybe I can, and thats why he is a Scouse. Other disgusting questions pertaining this issue are buzzing in my brain now! Like how does he wipe his Scouse Ass? With his Scouse Hands I suppose? But then with which hand does he eat Scouse food with? I know he would only use one hand to wipe and the other to eat with, but how does that play when he would eat an Extra Large BigMac dripping with Scouse Cheese?

Shit-Hands shakes hand with Shit-Face!

And I guess thats all for my Scouse Hatred for now.  In other news, Joe Cole is ecstatic to be in the 16-Year-Old-Maulers Club!!! 😛


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