Afternoon Ravings

Bless Thursday! Missed United vs. Philadelphia Union last night. But its not like I could have streamed it online anyways. My room had been sacrificed to the guests who, luckily, have finally withdrawn, leaving my room in a sympathetic condition. The pinups on my closet have been plucked from every possible corner the kids could find. Scotch Tape for the rescue!

The sky is blanketed with heavy clouds and my heart is in utter dismay. Yes. The pessimistic side has arisen once again. I can’t wait for a Bachelors Degree to enter PMA. Thats too long an interval. And I absolutely negate the odds of me getting into Airforce as a GD Pilot! Then we have CSS as another option, but aforesaid, this would require another two to three years as well. My passions need a stoke, rather than becoming stolid. Lord! MERCY! 😦 Anyways, I shall leave this moment on its own. Clinging onto Hope and Hardwork are my only options.

I just stumbled upon this song which seams perfectly with the weather. Jerry Maguire was a good watch. This classic has incredible soul and ambiance to it. Here it is…

I take my leave now. Will blog again soon. Later.


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