My Brain Hurts!

Wednesday has struck with torrential rain! The sun had been bleating on us for days, but I wont go harping about how pleasing the weather is. Just thank the Lord, and thats that!

I don’t have much to pen down today, but unlike the Damned Monday, I have alot to do (talk about being made to eat your words). Besides finishing The Mayor of Casterbridge, sitting online and an occasional workout which mostly depends on my mood, I don’t have much to do. 😛

On a random note, I find the CapelloIndex quite amusing. The kid was all too full of himself before the Worldcup, and during it too. He needs another crack of the whip! Here, have a laugh…

On another randomer note, I was wondering what does the phrase “Alone But Never Lonely” actually insinuate? I wouldn’t wanna relate to it like an emo kid but its just one of those bonded words which encapsulate your psyche and coerce you to think on it. Exercising mindfulness without thinking much, has done me good. I’m no worrywart today either. Free access to internet with an incredible speed means disregarding whats distant. My oh-not-so-mediocre mind has circumspectly accomplished the art of concealing memories in the white matter. Longing for his presence is no more of a subterfuge to enrapture myself. The concoction of normality and reality is a hazy one for me. Musings of the past is enough!

Despite the visit of unannounced guests at an extremely awkward hour I do feel refreshed and revitalized, thanks to the weather. Incredibly, by my own usual disgusting standards, I had not much of a hassle in surrendering my room to them. To top it all, the kids ripped a couple of pinups on my wall and closet. Talk about bad parenting!

For now, I’m free as a caged bird.




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