Mince Meat!

Its been an exact 6 hours since i last blogged. Yea, I’ve been ghosting online the whole while which pretty much explains the random title of this blog. My fail attempts at graffitis was just another pass time. Being an anti-woman that I am, I only went into the kitchen once: to have my fair share of guest left-overs. I wonder if thats the problem with other household norms as well. Surely is with mine! I just hope the guests don’t turn up until tomorrow morning so I can fritter away online all night long, and prolly blog again! 😛

On a random note, I was wondering if Satan has a last name? I know he goes by myriad of handles: Lucifer, Belzeboub, Deuce, Apollyon, Mephistopheles, Antichrist, Archfiend, Zamiel, Erinyes…hell he is even known as Old Nick and Old Scratch!!! But how about having an authentic last name? That could prolly elevate the old blokes spirits (pun fail?).

I just came across a website claiming Will Smith and Jim Carrey having Tourette’s Syndrome! (the website also claims Will Smith having ADHD!). Labelling people with nervous tics for a crowning glory – sheer genius! Only if Justin Bieber could have inherited a gene or two…

The amount of excess information idling away on internet brings cannot be weighed. Seriously. For example this riddle is still making my brain cells jack-off for an answer. Here it is:

Which Country Fits The Following Description? legal weed, shrooms, a host of psychadelic drugs, legal prostitutes, “Green-thinking” country, great fable about little boy who saved country with finger in dyke, Windmills, wooden shoes.”

Its matters like these, that I love to ponder over for hours. Also, wtf is a “functional cleavage”? 😛 Sounds to me like men speculating about alluring women into their chastity belt. And on that note, I take my leave. Hit me up with any possible answer to the afore mentioned riddle. Won’t be appreciated but just do it!


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