Dreading Rejection!

I’m relieved that I have finally hit the big day-Tuesday, that is. For me, Tuesday marks an end to Monday which bought nothing upon me except sluggishness. Hopefully, this will attract a wee bunch of wretched activities now, including blogging!

And just when I was thinking of the awful state after being rejected, an acquaintance of mine dropped a bombshell. My thoughts are all deranged at the moment, and I thought of putting them in words in order to vent it.I know not, how it feels, to receive the dooming words: “Not Recommended”. And perhaps, i wouldn’t even want to familiarize myself with that notion. I dread that very feeling!

I confess! I am a bit too much passionate about this issue. I have thought of nothing else but this and I know not, what would become of my life if I don’t get into forces. Its been an obsession for the past 4 years now. I have had my second and third options all set, but they are merely on account of worldly objectives. Forces is indeed my first and last option.

I have never been this ambitious about anything in my 18 years of life. Indeed, in the course of past one month, I have started molding my life as that of a cadet. Stupid as it may sounds, this is the nature of my obsession.

Begrudgingly accepting  my present disposition and admitting to the apprehensions I loathe myself for being a pessimist in this matter. But it cannot be helped. I realize this is momentary feeling which shall soon pass away. I need to tone down a bit since a lot is stirring in my head now.

On a lighter note, I have gotten used to horrendous remarks of me not making into the forces. FYI, I have successfully increased my height a couple of inches. Ah! Okay, hardly an inch, but this is just the start. Plus a midgets life has its positive aspects as well, which deserves another blog.

P.S: I’m quite indebted to the lord for bestowing upon us, a pleasant weather today.


4 thoughts on “Dreading Rejection!

  1. hamster41 says:

    I’ve been getting rejected all my life. I’m pretty happy. 🙂

    (And use yoko-height to increase your height. I hear it works.)


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