P.S: This is my first shot for using a blog as a personal journal. Don’t Laugh!

I feel ridiculously useless today. Not that my existence is of much importance, even though I try my very best to prove it so. Anyhow, the day just started and I am already set off for a lazy morning-thanks to the constant blackouts during nights which kept me up the whole while. My concern: I don’t want another hazy day lost to the pangs of boredom and nothingness.

I oft find myself making “woman-in-kitchen-making-sandwich” jokes. This is no degradation for the womenkind, as some one pointed it out on me earlier. What makes you think I would derive pleasure by insulting my own kind? (even though at times I do! 😛 ) Nonetheless, chicks who accuse me of such discriminatory slurs should learn how to take a joke. Or better, learn how to make a sandwich because its gonna do them more good in life.

As somebody wise once said, “Its imperative to feel lethargic in order to realise the vitality of life”. Okay, fine. I just made that quote up. But it is a fair enough excuse for my indolence. I wont force myself into making an effort today. Rather, I would try finishing my novel; The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy. Yeah! And just to speak of myself in superlatives, I further add this: I finished Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in just 5 days. Yes, I am an awesome reader.

Just when I thought I had a good hold on my vacations, The Damned Monday comes by, putting a fullstop to my daily activities. I, like Homer Simpson, feel somewhere between a rock and A Hard Place.

The Yellow Mass Is My Subliminal Mind!

Despite the pesky weather which is somewhere between humid and more humid, my mood is shunned into a dark, cold place-my room, that is. I have no plans for today. Hell I wont even workout! I’m just gonna be  a wasteful daughter, winning self-made arguments in my head.

And thats all for todays jabber. I might blog again in the evening if something interesting happens, or if I have nothing better to do again. But its not like I have anyone expecting more of my blogs. I suck at ’em anyways.


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