Why I Fail At Blogging?

1. my blogs are random and utterly useless.

2. i dont blog in chinese.

3. i blog on weekends when everyone is away from the internet, spending quality time with their families.

4. i blog on weekdays when internet trolls are all high on work.

5. my topics are boring and have been overdone already.

6. i usually blog when i have nothing better to do in life.

7. i actually dont care where the fuck waldo is!

8. i write long blogs which get boring after the first 45 words.

9. i write short blogs with difficult words cuz my english is awesomer than yours.

10. i blog a lot about blogging.

11. i try promoting myself, and fail at it miserably.

12. i dont blog in depth.

13. i dont object to racism and hence end up writing a blog about a whopped black mans ass!

12. im not a sycophantic but u are.

13. i blog long useless lists which actually get boring after the first 13 points.

14. my lists end abruptly after 14 points.


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