The Frying Dutchmen!

YO! i did it again! i just pwnd the Dutchmen on their white faces and oranje shirts. my long, slimy, ballsy suckers did it! yeah! BALLS FTW! they all call em “Suction Cups” but no seriously. BALLS FTW!

this is a close-up of my Psychic Balls so that you humans can make better use of yours.

Ballsy Much? ūüėČ

these slimy 345+ something suckers made me famous! mathematically its like half a teste, so errrr… i got as many balls as 300 white men & 4 transgenders! but i bet they couldnt predict as accurately as i did! i pwnd the other 400 international punditzzz too. seriously 345+ something BALLS FTW!

*8 Stars For Ruining Engerland-y Hopes*

humans are weird creatures. soon they will be covering me in their songs,

Oh-Oh-Oh/You Eight-Legged Freak/Predictor of the Predictor/Baby I Want Ya On Me/Oh-Oh-Oh

and in novels, and movies, and on the shirts they wear,






World Dominance Level 3


and  I shall sleep with their kids,


Behind Each Leg, Is A Sucker

and into their paintings (an artists impression of me 45yrs from now),

Technoh Octopusseh!

and creep into their sex life,


soon ME > GOD. yeah!

From the Church of St.Paul

and well, that will be that.

I am Paul The Psychic Octopus, and this is my Legacy!


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