Slapdash Writing!

“if a lovers face survives emblazoned on your heart, the world is still your home.” this particular line had caught my attention to the fullest. how true was this? what weight did this string of words carry with it? was the “lover” a human entity or a certain article? such were the questions that shrewdly circulated in my mind. for a few minutes i logically decieved my wit and senses to negate the first question. later i did realize, who was i to presume the actuality of the first question. assumptions never get a man anywhere. and, its not like “love” had ever befallen me in the way it has been preserved in literature. im no logician. im a mere truth-seeker, drowning in wanderlust, to find an answer to all my questions. my second question could only be answered by a soul who has had indeed experienced the truest and purest form of “love”, thus i was yet to encounter such a being. my third question, however, was answered by own thoughts and experiences-on which i would reflect upon later. for now, im too distracted by the brightness of the moon. with what pride and beauty does it mystify me, with what splendour does it shine! a dazzling white beam spirals onto the window beam, which makes me wonder if the Moon is a mistress of the Sky? accompanied by the darkness of the field in front of me, and the silvery horizon i wish i could pen down, unflinchingly, my exact state of mind right now. but i fear the outcome. i would never want to question the power of words in conveying my feelings. yet, as i write this down, i realize and appreciate the exactitude and closeness my words have with my soul!


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