Involuntary Manslaughter!

this was the trendin topic at twitter today. caught my attention. and since i had nothing better to do i managed to google the news.  this is how i perceived it…

the black guy….and he is holding a white baby. (awkward!)

The Story: black guy is whooped. he is handcuffed. he is lying on his black hungry tummy. he cant moved. most prolly, he has been caught rigging a shop or molesting a white kid. anyhow, the whitecop comes. white cop thinks“im white. ha-ha” *points at black man* white cop thinks again with his white brain “im bored. what to do? what to do? hmmm” *feels the gun in his hands*. white cop thinks more “aw fuck. im really bored”. at this time the white cop stops thinking. and thats when he plugged the black guy.

The Names: the black guys name was “Oscar Grant” (which his parents gave him, hoping to get more white attention). the white guys name is “Johannes Mehserle”. and i cant really pronounce his last name. but that happens with almost 78% of english names.

What To Expect: 1. more white people dead with swastikas carved on their bodies. i say this because i really think Black Jews exist. 2. more black people dead cuz white people got angry at no.1 3. more riots, with banners like “GOD MADE WHITES! JESUS JUST BURNT THEM” and “WE DONT WANT NO OVER-FRIED PEOPLE SCRAMMING OUR BACKYARDS FOR GHETTO RAPES”

the white cop who fails at being a non-racist

What Twitter Says: well. all white people are like “OMG. WTF. THATS JUST SO RONG. LOLZ. VOT A WRONG DECISION”. but we all know its because they are secretly scared of black people going all bang bang on their white lil asses.  (no white chicks on street after 9pm). and, ofcourse, all black people are like “FUCKING JUSTICE. NO! THIS HAPPENED JUST BECAUSE WE ARE BLACK”…like ofcourse it happened cuz u are black, wtf did u expect?

What The News Is Saying: check out cnn for this portion. i wont bother putting up a link. thankyou.

so thats pretty much it. though no offend meant. on a serious note, i really think terming this as “Involuntary Manslaughter” is a bad thing to do. like a really bad thing. its gonna get lil white kids accepting free candies from huge black guys. and u know the rest. kidding.

on a really serious note, this is shit. i cant believe fucking america is still a racist country. they do brag about “getting over it” but i still think no white man would allow his white daughter to marry a big black guy. kidding.

all the white people in this protest have black nannies

on a super serious note, this is definately not the news one would like to hear when lebron james just assed cleveland and went for miami heat, or when everybody is so craving for a super awesome meal: Paul, The Octopus.

my heart and… ah well. my sympathies go out for Grants parents. im sure naming your kid Oscar, wasnt the best move!


2 thoughts on “Involuntary Manslaughter!

  1. W'leed says:

    That, unexpectedly I must say was pretty good. Try shortening the length next time. But yeah! I approve of your blog. Nice


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