Hopeless Blogging!

i thought the whole “fuzzy the blogger” thing would turn out pretty cool. instead, im rotting away in my mind on what to write about. a few questions still buzz around me:


a. a personal online diary? (“failed maths. mum very angry. shit gotta go.”)

b. personal views on current affairs? (“fuck the israelis. you jew twats think slow!”)

c. something waggish? (“so i thought it was him. lols. but it wasnt. lols”)

d. a wannabe story? (“anne pressed her cheeks against the hot window….”)

e. a certain review on a certain movie/book/anything on the world? (“yeah, so at 15 mins i thought the character was snoggin when clearly the camera was…..”)


a. yeah, cuz i got nothing better to do

b. yeah, cuz i get bored, and i got nothing better to do.

c. cuz i got WIFI (yeah babeay!) and i get bored at times so i got nothing to do

d. no, cuz i dont know what to blog about, even if i have nothing else to do


a. to spend quality time online?

b. to say what u need to say? (yes, this john mayer song does make sense now)

okay enough with the points already. the thing is, blogging will be fun if my blogs are super awesome. but they are not. and that makes me a loser. like a really bad loser. a loser who cant even get her blogs right, little her life. (4 stars for emo insinuation). and thats all i’m gonna say for now. its not like you expected more of it anyways…


2 thoughts on “Hopeless Blogging!

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