Cringe Moment: College Chicks! PART 1

names arent disclosed so any of u CHICKITAS readin this need to thank me ASAP! and im not a lesbian, nor am i bi. i had nothing better to blog about plus i received a text from one of the chicks which said something like “I MIS U FRND. VOT KIND FRIEND ARE U? U NOT EVEN TALK. XOXOX. MJHY YAD RKHNA HAMESHA” . i mean WTF!!!! anyways, here i go….


well her skin color is white, but does that stop her from having an awesome pulpy sticking-out ass? NO! whenever she walks into the class, everybody oogles at her face, and her hair, and the accessories shes wearing, and the bag shes carrying, and the shoes she treading in-but not for me! yes fellas! i look at her Mighty Ass. its like a live kim kardashian, only whiter!

gluteus maximus FTW!!!

and u know whats awesomer? she isnt good at studies. at all.  kim + paris! 😀 i like that, dont u?


this one smokes. yes she does. its evident from her face cuz its really ugly. she has black lips. u wouldnt wanna kiss em. or maybe u would if u are gay.

an exact replica of her face. just remove the wrinkles!

i once found a lighter in her bag-pack. im serious. ofcourse she blatantly said it belonged to some other chick. but i wouldnt buy that now, would i? would you?

and well, thats that for now!


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