abnormal convention!

BOREDOM! alas it has struck me again with a somewhat considerable magnitude. yes, i am a frequent victim of this human trait. many beings possess it, and at times it possesses many. for some, it enriches their creativity, and for many (including myself) it altogether slows down the purpose of existence and falters in activity. perhaps the latter is more truer than the former. nonetheless, boredom is not a flaw of ones character (or should i say, personality? choose for yourself.) Rather it is a curse that befalls one in the worst of times. what once was the object of ones fascination becomes a mere entity of the world. how ironic! Nature mocks the living with such absurdity often. my apologies, for i deviated again. coming back to the topic of “boredom”, this vile feeling for me has never worked wonders. its been digging my existence for some two three months with extreme twinges. i have been often labelled as “you have no life” by friends and foes alike. i dont blame them. nothing seems of any worth in such a moment. the significance of humans and materials plummets altogether. conviction of an aim collapses. indolence seems a mockery of ambition. laziness gets pointless. vitality feels hollow. perception of life dulls. activity gets monotonous. lifelessness seems the only driving force of the soul. indeed, boredom is my nemesis!


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